Cox Cars
1/24 La Cucaracha

Here's a decent example of a Cucaracha.
All RTR's had an orange body, except for a few at the very end of production.

There were replacement bodies in different colors, 
shown on this dealer display board.

The first production cars had sort of translucent bodies (left, above)), which was phased out in favor of the material that is most commonly seen today (right, above). 

2nd Style RTR Box -
typical of what most people bought

This Cuc has 5 dots of glue on the dashboard - 
maybe to simulate gages. 
Was this done by someone at the factory? 
Or perhaps by a previous owner?
I've never seen another like it!
Motors, Clips, Gears, 
Pick Up Guide
Wheels, Tires, Axles, Bearings
Instruction Sheet


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