Shangri-La Speedway
Owego, NY
Modified Photos  Revised 4/23/06
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This is a 1965 modified feature with Mike Zopp in Wes Germanís potent Broome Heating modified beating a newly arrived Dutch Hoag of Bath, NY in the Turner Brothers coupe. Shangri-La where this picture was taken had offered a bounty in 1965 on Zopp after he had won several consecutive features at  the Owego facility. Dutch collected the $500 bounty the next week breaking Zoppís dominance at Owego. Of interest German was one of the first to use Grand National (now Nextel Cup) motors from the Ford factory team of Holman and Moody. These were motors that had run 500 mile races and resold to other teams. This 04 had a giant 427 CI Ford under the hood.
Picture courtesy of Gary "AJ" George
Mike Monnat:  The bounty started in 1964 after Zopp won a bunch of features. Jerry Cook was the first driver to win instead of Zopp, but Mike didn't finish that night. Zopp went on to win the race pictured above before Hoag claimed the bounty.
Jerry Hays:

This picture of Jerry at Shangri-La is with the famous Bob Page 87. Jerry had great success with this car winning the Shangri-La track championship in 1967. Of interest it was one of the first local stock cars to use a big block Chevy instead of the proven small blocks of the era. This car competed at several dirt and hardtop tracks throughout the Northeast in the 60ís.

Picture courtesy of Gary "AJ" George

Don Diffendorf:
This picture was taken at Reading Fairgrounds in 1967 season opener. The S/360 competed on both hardtop and dirt with tremendous success. This was Dif's favorite car.
Picture Courtesy Gary "AJ" George
Mike Monnat: This was Dif's first of 2 visits to Reading that year. His 2nd one was for the Daniel Boone 200, when he finished 2nd to Stan Ploski.
 Another Shangri-La Feature Win 
For Don Diffendorf in the S/360

Picture Courtesy Gary "AJ" George

Grahme Bolia in the 427 McClure Ford #15, from around 1970 or 71. Note Geoff Bodine's famous Valiant in the background.
Mike Monat: The #60 coach in the foreground was Dave Offnick, 
a Shangri-La regular at the time.


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